Crafts By a Poor Person

I was sort-of inspired by Amy Sedaris’ Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People and definitely inspired by Sedaris’ appearance on The Nate Berkus Show to make this video about crafting, or rather, “makeshift art.” (P.S. Makes sure to watch my video on ‘480p’ rather than the ultra-crappy ‘240p’.)


6 thoughts on “Crafts By a Poor Person

  1. you’re videos are hilarious, in the best possible way
    I’m greatly impressed with:
    a. the fact you actually take time to decorate your apartment
    b. your crafty skills
    c. how much you can do with wrapping paper

    • thanks so much! I’m glad you like them, rather than, you know, hate them and think I should stop. And yes, much time is being devoted to the decoration of this apartment and double yes, I am damn well skilled with wrapping paper. thanks for noticing.

  2. So I was first really interested in your blog bc of China and me going to teach there. I like to reference it and look at the amazing pics you took. Now you have the vlog and I think it’s so cute! Idk if cute is the right word/if you’re going to hate i called it cute but i love when I get the emails saying you posted something – yea i subscribe haha. Now that you’re talking about decorating – SO JEALOUS! Did I mention I LOVE CRAFTING?! The glossy stuff you can put over the wrapping paper is called Mod Podge (and you can get it from Michaels haha). They have all kinds of finishes from glitter(ati), satin, matte, glossy, etc. One of my fave crafts ever! If your store runs out of cool wrapping paper you can also use scrapbook paper (also found at Michaels) haha. Ps. Martha Stewart has great wrapping papers at Michaels! Have fun crafting!

    • Cute is great! Not offended at all 🙂

      Haha I’m glad you love crafting and are excited to see my “work.” And that you know the name of the shiny crap I need – and that you can recommend everything else I might need from Michael’s. No, but seriously! It’s great. Have you been crafting in China? I bought and painted a bunch of frames while I was there and did the magazine editorial thing – you can definitely find a lot of fun and super-crazy cheap decorative projects to start in China!

      • Not much crafting sadly… it like an empty void but here in Linyi (small town) there isn’t great crafting supplies available as basic as paint! but i do have a collage wall from magazines editorial-esque i guess you could say! It gets me through the day and helps me get out of the China bubble every now and then!

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