Blogging Inspiration: APT With SSS

I know I said that I would be back with another video installment of HGSTV (Home & Garden & Sean TV), but I didn’t finish painting my bathroom like I thought I would AND I forgot to shoot anything before I finished for the day. Oops. So next video will be a double-doozy, like back-to-back episodes of the Barefoot Contessa in three minutes.

I’ve organized this entry the same way I plan on organizing my new apartment, technically. It starts with the entryway, then moves to the living room, then dining area, then bedroom and bathroom (and a garden for good measure!) Of course, in my place all of these things are one and the same, but who’s holding me accountable (or should I say to whom am I accountable, just to impress people?) Scroll down to find out what the hell all these pictures are, because they sure as hell aren’t of my place.

1) For my entryway I want a big mirror because I have to cover up the fuse box, but still have easy enough access. Under that, I want an entry table that, because of the dimensions of the apartment, will double as a side table for my tiny couch. The second picture is of an entry by Miles Redd, I believe, and while the scale is all off, I love the print on those chairs.
2) The living room and “adjoining” office space will be very white, hence that first pic, and I want to keep a traditional two-chairs-across-from-a-sofa-setup, but with lots of textures as seen in Jenna Lyons’ apartment in the third living room pic. The setup might not work because of space limitations, so we’ll see…I’m contemplating ways to incorporate my bed into the mix. But, you know, not sexually. All the time. Ha, right.
3) That bookcase? It’s from APT with LSD: LSD Edition. I just have it here because I’m going to have an alligator head in my apartment, and I am planning on painting it pink. We’ll see how that goes (project!)
4) I bought a round white dining table just yesterday, actually, and found that picture of DVF’s (a lot of acronyms in this post) inspirational table setting in this month’s O magazine. Below that pic are two of chairs. The first set of chairs are the ones I want most, the second set are white retro-pedestal chairs and while I like them…well now I’m kind of feeling like maybe they’re better than the first style. Hmm…
5) And then the bedroom isn’t real in my place so that’s just a random picture that evokes happy feelings towards bedrooms in general, and then we have Aerin Lauder’s vanity as seen in December ’08’s House & Garden (the final issue). I’ve always wanted a vanity because, well let’s be honest, I’m vain, but there’s not really space for one as I will need to have a corner hutch in the bathroom to act as a closet. Studio!
6) And last but not least, Stella McCartney serving tea in a garden. To a bird. I hope to have friends over as I have a rather large garden area in front of my place and should have shown you people that by now. It’s day will come.

This post is also my first as part of the “Post a Week 2011” quote-unquote blogging initiative that WordPress is doing. I don’t really have trouble getting material up at least once a week (haha…getting it up…once a week…)[Hey, if Steve Carrell can still be making “that’s what she said” jokes on The Office than I am entitled to a horrid attempt of my own once in awhile], but they didn’t have an option in between “Post a Day” and “Post a Week,” and who wants to read this blog every day? I don’t. Oh, no, I hurt my own feelings. It’s really great, though!

Some of these images are scans from Domino and House & Garden (huh, both now defunct), the first set of chairs image is from Lonny and the others…I’m not sure whose they are. But whoever you are, I love your work!


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