Minimalism To The Max

As we know from my insightful and beloved vlogs, I’m doing a lot of white with this apartment. I want the space to appear bigger than it is, of course, but I don’t want it to be startlingly sparse. While looking through the February issue of Dwell I came across the top apartment. It’s a bit spartan for my tastes, but I like the bones. It seems very German/Dutch-style minimal…there’s a bit too much utility to it, but I have the knockoff of the knockoff they bought – their Ikea Docksta table. I found some chairs strikingly similar to their’un’s (don’t you love my Southern colloquialisms?) at my local Target, but am going to try scouring a few secondhand shops first to see how I fare.

The second apartment is Vanessa Bruno’s. Domino refers to the Frenchwoman’s “spare poetry,” and I have to say there is a bit more elegance/romance to her digs compared to those above. Yet the two rooms remind me of each other because of their ease. There’s something un-designed about these spaces; they seem almost unfinished in their restraint. But as you look over the images and imagine the spaces as wholes, there seems to be a cohesiveness beyond the lack of color-coordinated stuff on the walls and accent pieces. It’s like looking at a Japanese painting. Maybe.

The second-to-last picture is of Amanda Peet’s dining room. I like those chairs.

After that we have a studio apartment that was featured in Domino. A friend of mine asked if I felt uncomfortable having my bed out in the open, and this apartment reaffirms my conviction to leave it out there. People might even use it as extra seating! I think incorporating it as an added texture will be more intriguing than trying to futilely hide it away.

Now that I’ve written all that I don’t know if I can handle the pressure of turning my palette into poetry. I’m going to paint my doors a high-gloss black to serve as my accent wall. Another source of inspiration that comes to mind is the beach house from Nancy Meyers’ Something’s Gotta Give.

I have three French windows (doors?) like that, as seen in the vlogs. I love that Hamptons chic, as aforementioned, and think black will make them pop in a simultaneously preppy/Parisian way. We’ll see!

Top three scans from February’s Dwell, all other from assorted Domino issues.


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