il Conformista

I know I posted about Bertolucci’s The Conformist elsewhere on the interwebs, but I was looking over these images again and decided they deserved a full post here as well. Also, I’m tired from moving and am in between posts, so to speak, so I won’t have relevant-to-the-state-of-my-life content up until tomorrow. Maybe. Hopefully!

The Conformist’s main character, Marcello (is every man in Italian cinema named Marcello?) dresses to a T the way that I aspire to dress. The coat…the gloves…the hat! Also, if you couldn’t tell from these images, the film is exceptionally shot. And styled. And set designed. And the lighting is pretty incredible too. You could watch it with the sound off and feel satisfied. If you’re in C-ville, I suggest giving Sneak Reviews a call and reserving a copy. Otherwise I suppose you could Netflix it or however the kids are getting their movies these days. (Says the guy who was given his [technically illegal] digital copy of the film off his friend’s hard drive).

Have any readers seen other Bertolucci movies, or know of other contenders to the crown of Most Stylish Film?


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