Local Flavor: Tastes Like Modern Architecture

One of my favorite things about Charlottesville is its local design talent. Architect William McDonough co-authored the progressive design book Cradle to Cradle and was spotlighted for his work with sustainable building practices a few years ago in House & Garden (before it folded…sadface.)

The above house belongs to W.G. Clark, another local architect who works at the University of Virginia. I could use big words and thoughtful sentences to express how I feel about it, or I could just say it is awesome. I want to turn up music really loud and dance around in it in my socks. On a scale of 1-10, how weird would it be to show up unannounced at his doorstep? “Oh, you’re not my grandmother. I mean, I’m selling Girl Scout cookies? Uh…your house is pretty may I go to there?”

C-Ville: Abode Features – NEW! January 2011: A place between places.

P.S. Here’s another brief piece on the home!


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