Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up I decided to rebel and post a gift guide for the day before, henceforth known to me as “Galentine’s Day” thanks to an episode of Parks and Recreation. I know, everyone ever is doing posts about Valentine’s day and it’s sort of like, “really? more?” But I love gift-giving and themed days! Except for that one time in fifth grade when I tried to write something nice about each person in class on their obligatory Valentine’s Day card and then they made fun of me. But, hey, look who’s reliving that pain laughing now!
Clockwise, from top left:
1. Isn’t this the tongue-in-cheekiest computer case you’ve just ever seen? While this option is a bit pricey, designer Paul brings equal wit and whimsy to small accessories like glasses cases and wallets as well. Thomas Paul 15″ computer case, available at Creme de la Creme, Charlottesville. $78.

2. I’m a huge proponent of men’s jewelry. My advocacy for it is almost as strong as my efforts to de-stigmatize man bags. This necklace is from Etsy shop FreshyFig, and it’s simple yet ingenius creation involved taking a vintage brooch and, well, making a necklace out of it. It obviously brings to mind Cartier’s Panther ringsthat Rachel Zoe is such a big fan of of which Rachel Zoe is a big fan. Glamorous, but with a hint of jungly testosterone!

3. A Perfectly Kept House Is The Sign Of A Misspent Life, Mary Randolph Carter. A really fun book with a focus on artfully arranging clutter, by Ralph Lauren Senior VP Carter. Available (for now – only one copy in store!) from New Dominion Books on the Charlottesville downtown mall. (See Carter’s office on The Selby here, and more information on her other books here.)

4. Are shoes a weird gift? I don’t know, and I don’t care! These are Florsheim by Duckie Brown, but any good oxford/brogue will make me happy any day.

5. I know this might be the weirdest thing I’ve ever typed on here, but I am obsessed with decorative serveware right now, particularly plates. I got into them a measly few weeks ago when I found a Moroccan hand-hammered tin charger (I think it’s tin…I forget what he said. I’m not the best educated, but I know what I like!) at a local antiques shop and for the past month or so I’ve been eying this antique Persian plate at a local consignment shop. When I stopped in Anthropologie last week I was smitten with, well, everything, but I honed in on this plate. Illustrated by Parisian Nathalie Lete, this plate is one of a series in a  range of illustrated dinnerware. Except I wouldn’t put food on it, I would put it in one of those little plate-shower-offers and call it art. Anthropologie also has some great little Ikat print bowls worth a peek! Nathalie Lete Petite Fille Plate, $24.

Also, and this is really important: Opening Ceremony has the greatest thing ever for freezies on their blog right now: Mad Libs Valentine’s Day Cards! Check them out/make me one!


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