This Is Charlottesville: Random Row Books

I wrote and/or vlogged a few weeks ago about my decision to move to downtown Charlottesville. I had my reservations – such a small town! Why not somewhere warmer? Will anyone appreciate my better outfits? But I’ve found that most everything I’m looking for in a place to live is in fact here:

1. I can walk anywhere I need to go
2. I can catch public transportation anywhere I want to go
3. I have outdoor living space
4. My rent is reasonable, especially for what I get
5. There are some great places to while away the days

This last reason is one I’m still exploring. I think my desire to move to a big city (i.e. NYC) is understandable and hasn’t necessarily faded altogether from my restless soul. But I think that there is a lot worth seeing here in Charlottesville, and I haven’t discovered so much of it yet. While I was living abroad this blog consisted of a lot of travel photography and I did different “photo tours” of unique spaces that I found. I figure, why not do this here in the States as well? This Is Charlottesville is a new city series I’m starting up to highlight different area businesses that exist in interesting spaces. First up: Random Row Books.

Charlottesville has approximately 8,000 used bookstores (exaggeration). That’s one of my favorite things about the place, because no matter where I am, I hunt down bookstores. I stopped in Random Row for the first time maybe two weeks ago, and this past Sunday was overcome with the desire to pop in and photograph the crap out of it. Enjoy!

(Because I’m sure you’re wondering, that man is a sculpture by artist Avery Lawrence)

Random Row is currently running a Black History month film series and they host a monthly group dinner. It’s also an event space available for rent – for more details, visit their blog.

Coogan, a twenty-something dude who runs a tailoring business from the back of the building, was kind enough to permit me to take all these glorious pics. You can visit his blog, detailing his tailoring exploits, here.

(Want more? Check out these interesting spaces: Les Archives de la Presse in Paris and Vagabunt Vintage in Zürich.)


5 thoughts on “This Is Charlottesville: Random Row Books

  1. This definitely seems like a bookstore worth checking out. I obsessively go to used book stores to check out their cookbook collections. I’ve found some real winners too, one of my favs being The Enchanted Broccoli Forest It is a cookbook that is all hand-written with doodle illustrations and vegetarian from the 80’s.
    Also, I think the pictures really help show the eclectic and random feel of the bookstore. Good stuff!
    Thanks for sharing this!

    • aw thanks Erik, yeah I definitely suggest it if you’re in town! And also, I can’t believe you found a book called the enchanted broccoli forest. I’m jealous. scan fotos mb plz & then link back? thx.

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