The Selby Is (Not) In My Space

Because it’s taken me sooo long to get any pictures of my apartment posted, I figured this morning I would start revealing/unveiling it “room” by “room.” Again, it’s a studio and everyone who visits exclaims “Wow, it really is tiny” before they comment on its relative cuteness, but such is life. This is my grand foyer (pronounced foi-yay, otherwise I don’t know to what you are referring.)

The full-length mirror is from Target, and I tucked vintage pictures/postcards from Europe and China in the edges of the frame to make it feel a little more lived-with. The tray is a vintage vanity mirror, the table itself a cast-off from a friend of mine. I ripped out the weird/unnecessary fiberboard pieces that had been decoratively misused on the sides and painted it white, then added a candelabra pull. The thing with my jewelry draped all over it to the right side of the table is an actual candelabra of sorts that my great-aunt brought back to the States from Panama. It’s covered in – wait for it – birds. The white ceramic jar to the left also has a bird on it. Apparently, I love birds…but don’t we all?

UPDATE: Here’s the “before” pic!


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