Any readers familiar with the Asian horror film the post title is from? Maybe fans of Rodarte? Or anyone who looked up their references for that collection

Well, regardless, there’s nothing horrifying about these three pairs of shoes and the only thing they have in common with The Grudge is that I love Sarah Michelle Gellar. But thats not how things in common works, so…check ’em out!

All three were purchased from Antics/Low Vintage here in Charlottesville, ironically on Valentine’s day (what can I say? I love myself! And I know my shoe size.)

The top pair is a monk strap boot by Stetson (the hat maker made shoes?) and in the middle we’ve got a nameless pair o’ penny loafers. The bottom pair are green Doc Martens from the 80’s and while they’re a bit chunky and could be seen as “oogly,” I like to think the bright color makes them more of a seasonal reference to Prada than anything else. All are in great condition (especially the boots…it’s like they’ve never been worn!) and I love them.


3 thoughts on “Three…Extremes

  1. Ahh those Doc’s are a-mazing! I have been searching for a pair of the black boot version (vintage) forever but can’t seem to find them anywhere in my size (7 you would think it would be easy). I’ll have to check Antics next time.

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