A Room of One’s Own

Apparently some of ya’ll are getting particularly antsy about seeing the rest of my digs, so I’m throwing you another bone: my “bedroom”!

As you can see, there are literally shoes everywhere. I was trying to find a way to work around that to keep the pictures from getting redundant, but…no. My b.

The green bench you obviously saw here, and the tray is from Cottage Consignment here in Cville – it’s Caspari, but I paid probably a third of what I would’ve paid had it not been consigned. Because that’s how consignment works. Anyway, the disco ball was sort-of inspired by a photo of Michael Bastian’s NYC apartment that ran in Domino a few years ago (the photo is not included in the post that links to – sorry, couldn’t find it!)

Then we’ve got stacks of Vogue in every language and sneakers on top – is that my new thing? I’d get rid of some of the Vogues, but – and I don’t want to sensationalize anything – I heard that’d bring about the apocalypse or something.

Yes, I keep my Miyazaki dvd’s with my shoes, because I love them both and I have no idea where else to put them (the dvd’s, that is). The “closet” is actually a rack that’d been hanging over the toilet in my bathroom…I moved it into that corner because it’s serendipitously the perfect size! The pictures I bought at the flea market in Amsterdam, and the mismatched frames are antique – I found them in my parent’s basement.

My “nightstand” is actually two cheap fiberboard stool things stacked on top of each other (very precariously – I meant to wood glue them together, but never got around to it) with a West Elm tray on top. I’ve had that Kero Keropi lunchbox since third grade, when I traded for it in some in-class swap meet thing (I’m so eloquent at times I startle myself). The stack of notebooks are these very Muji-esque numbers I picked up en masse at a Carrefour in China for super duper cheap. Designer Amy Meier commented in her February Better Homes & Gardens piece that a collection of identical items always looks organized – and she’s so right! I think…unless, of course, you think my stacks are ugly.

I consider the bedroom to be the most “done” piece of the apartment. The only thing I’ve left to do with it is get a lamp for the side table (I have one in mind that’s a stylistic sibling of the lamp featured here). You’ll notice the extreme use of quotation marks when I discuss the apartment – everything is makeshift! You’ve officially seen half of the entire thing, by the way. All that’s really left is my “living room” (a couch) and my “dining room” (a table – and chairs!). Peep the “before” bedroom pic below! Thoughts on the transformation?

P.S. I added a “before” pic to my post about the “foyer” – check it out here if you’re interested!

5 thoughts on “A Room of One’s Own

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