Urban Assignment

Now that I’ve updated us all a little bit more about the state of my apartment (it’s covered in shoes. Litrahlly.) I thought I’d share another piece of the re-assimilating to America puzzle.

I recently started writing freelance for the Darden School of Business, and my first piece (check it out here!) is about Urban Outfitters CEO Glen Senk. I wish I’d done a little more research about the man before attending his q+a – as in any research – because it turns out Glen Senk is one of the most successful openly gay businessmen around. His life partner, Keith Johnson, is in charge of scouting antiques for Anthropologie and has his own reality series on the Sundance channel, Man Shops Globe – which I actually had heard of before popping into Senk’s speech. The couple’s home in Philadelphia has appeared in Elle Decor and Johnson’s job description is so amazingly fantastically wonderful (travel, shop, hopefully respect indigenous cultures) that it could only be better if magic were involved.

Top, still from Johnson’s show; bottom, an image of the couple’s Philly home in Elle Decor.

If I’d known I might have approached Senk after the discussion and said something along the lines of, “It’s great that you have the strength to be true to yourself in the unabashedly competitive, heteronormative world of business,” but instead I was like, “Hey, they have free brownies here.” Ironically enough, I’d applied to work at Urban Outfitters a few weeks before I was assigned to cover this event, and now am waiting to hear back about whether or not I got the job! If it’s the right fit, great, if not, I’ll deal – but things in the universe seem to be aligning…


5 thoughts on “Urban Assignment

  1. Hey Sean! I just recently found your blog and am totally enamored with it. Entries are hilarious/engaging, design is gorgeous… kudos!

    This entry specifically cracked me up. I work for Darden, and am keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll be writing for us more often!

    • Hey Valerie, it was great to meet you today and I really appreciate your comments and support. I’m so glad to know I have an admiring audience – truly flattered!

  2. Sean:

    Just want to make sure you got my message….I commented on the wrong article. Send me your resume and I’ll make sure we take a good look.



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