Apartamento Living: La Sala

My living room. It’s a bit spartan at the moment and what I’ve come to realize while trying to achieve apartment perfection these past few months is that a well-decorated house takes time more than anything. The best spaces, at least the personal ones, are a reflection of growth and experience. I was hoping to create a “perfect” space by now, but this isn’t a design project – the budget is limited (nonexistent) and resources and time are becoming more and more scarce. The living room wasn’t “defined” until recently, when I got my rug. That couch is an old thing my brother had hidden away in his closet…and the “slipcover” is an old bedsheet of my parent’s. The chairs belonged to my grandparents and were kept on my family’s back porch until I decided to resuscitate them and on my parent’s advice left them unpainted for a rustic country touch. I really love ’em. The main issue is that blank back wall. I had been planning to simply hang up some pictures, but my new idea is to get an old window (not full-sized!) and put some hooks along the bottom where I could hang up scarves/old shopping bags (nice ones)/whatever else to give the wall a sense of purpose/seeming usefulness. Also, more throw pillows will eventually be thrown into the mix. (On the couch, not the wall). Thoughts/suggestions?


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