Piqued of the Week: March 7th – March 11th

I’ve decided to redo the “Piqued of the Week” feature I introduced two short weeks ago. Rather than simply show you pictures of things I like, I’m going to pick a topic that has piqued my interest for the week and do a post exploring whatever that is. Sound like a plan? We’ll see how it goes. It may start out as a bi-weekly feature since my brain tends to run in circles, but I’m trying to goal-set so y’all have something to look forward to (with bated breath.) This week my topic is unisex dressing – sort of like androgyny, but more about gender-line crossing rather than gender-line ignoring? Does that make sense? Here are my five (everyone likes lists!) gender lines for the adventurous man to walk and/or cross.

1. Hard vs. Soft. I’ve always felt as if ladies have the upperhand in the eternal struggle between these two extremes. It’s so simple for them! Lace + leather, floral + military, Brooke Shield’s eyebrows + pink lip gloss. I have a leather jacket, but the existential quandary remains: what’s my lace? When standing before my wardrobe and considering this I usually end up balancing the hard and soft with color and texture. I have a floral silk scarf from Meilleur Amis that I think looks great with my leather jacket and there’s no rule saying men can’t wear floral prints. So technically…there is no quandary. But is there a spoon? Anyway, I just want to look like Vanessa Traina and wish I had a horned Givenchy couture headpiece to liven up my more mundane outfits.

2. Menswear for women and vice versa. As you can see here, Janelle Monae (right) looks amazing in her suit – but does my internet/part-time IRL friend Aron look as awesome rocking lady-esque-wear? I think so, because Aron is a God among men in my mind (check out his Lookbook!), but the fact remains that womenfolk can wear anything on the face of the Earth that they want, including their bf’s clothes, and get away with it. Dudes face an uphill battle. I’ll be posting more about this in the future as it pertains to my own wardrobe.

3. Color. The soles of his shoes are pink! Brilliant. Simple. Tranny? Non! I absolutely adore color (hence my affection for J.Crew in High School) and love that it seems to be getting worked into men’s lives in more unexpected ways recently (these shoes, the shorts below, the gold lips at Thom Browne!) I have to admit, though, that my color crutch remains to this day the triumvirate of brown, black & blue. Navy comforts me for some odd reason, I think owing to the half a year I spent in private school as a seven-year-old. Maybe?

4. Shape. This is a BIG one. As you can see from the silhouettes of the two men on the left and right, shape matters. The guy at left has a beard and looks like a sailor, but has the spindly legs of your eleven-year-old niece. The guy to your far right has the inverse shape, starting thin at the top and bellowing out at the bottom. Is either shape created by either outfit particularly masculine? Is either man more or less masculine because of the lines of his outfit? The fact that the guy on the right is carrying a giant Céline bag makes it that much easier for me to see his getup on Taylor Tomasi-Hill than bearded man’s. I could see that guy dating Kate Lanphear. Another question is raised by the Loden Dager model (mid-right? Guy in sunglasses.) He’s rocking a skinny belt around his waist, outside his shirt – like Michelle Obama does with her sweaters! Quel problem!? Or non? I say non, and am jealous.

5. Accessories! These are like, super important. I undervalued accessories as a child and am paying for it now. No, I’m not, but I feel sad about it. The fact of the matter is that people are people and if women need bags then so do menfolk – now more than ever! In the age of the iThis and the iThat, where else will you iStash it all? Also, take advantage of that which is unique to men’s fashion. Ties are a great opportunity to spruce up your outfit – pay attention to the width of it, because yes, this matters. A tie can be too wide or too thin and if you were unaware of that, reevaluate your situation. It’s all about proportion! There will be a test, and you will be judged. Also: foulards/pocket squares – another manly essential. The one here is perfect for spring because everyone loves a seasonal floral print. EVERYONE. And doesn’t Aron look amazing with that shirt and that necklace and those colors! I’ll stop gushing. Last but not least we have a Robert Geller model rocking a headband – I WISH SO HARD I could pull this off, but I know I couldn’t. And it’s killing me. But I could rock his bow-tied green ribbon belt…if I could find/afford it.

P.S. Do we like the layout of this entry, or is it perturbing to have the text below the pictures? Too much scrolling? I’m trying to find a way to keep the blerg visually enticing without turning everything into a jpeg. C’est dificil!

Images via Streetfsn, The Sartorialist, Style.com, Lookbook.nu and Jak & Jil. I think.


6 thoughts on “Piqued of the Week: March 7th – March 11th

  1. Hello Sean! I think you know where I stand on each of these points but, pertaining to shape/silhouette, I do want to say that no one wants to date a triangle or its hateful, evil cousin, the ice cream cone.

    The key lies in balance, in almost all things. Dressing being among them.

    • How zen of you to comment on the balance of it all…wise words though! And ok ok you two I’ll work on the spacing of text and pics next time! It still looks damn good tho, u have to admit…

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