Weekend Wine Tasting + Glamour

My friend Fareine was in town this weekend and the weather was fantastic, so we decided to go wine tasting. Our first stop was Jefferson Vineyards, where we sampled wines and then took glamour shots, because what else is there to do in a field?

This outfit is one of the gender-bendy ones I mentioned I’d be talking about in last week’s Piqued of the Week. Half of the items are women’s! Technically, of course. Which is switched?

1) The scarf. I bought this infinity scarf at Banana Republic because I loved the print – so fun! And the flowery/sunbursty motif is “masculinized” by the color (it was also available in pink…less easy to claim for the manfolk).
2) The pants. These are also from Banana. They’re the women’s cargo leggings – except most women who tried them on found them really unflattering because of the placement of the pockets.
3) The belt. This woven number is from Uniqlo. I bought it in two colors…

The other items are all men’s. The bag I blogged about here, and the double cuff thing is something I tried out for the first time because I think I was encouraged to by InStyle – usually I reserve the jewelry for my left wrist only. What do we think? Does it work?

After Jefferson we went to Blenheim Vineyards (above), owned by Dave Matthews. I vaguely recall enjoying every red they had…

We had a good time. Fareine is getting married this August at Del Fosse vineyards, just outside Charlottesville. She’s been to roughly all of the vineyards in the area, having tested them out for her wedding site. Needless to say, she was a good guide. I’m going to stop typing now and just enjoy the sunshine…


6 thoughts on “Weekend Wine Tasting + Glamour

  1. You two look gorgeous! 🙂 Seems like a really fun day wine tasting! Jealous! Can we do these fun things when I come back to the states? Please & thank you.

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