This Is Charlottesville: The Curated Life

Artifacts is located across from O’Suzannah on the Downtown Mall. The store is full of amazing finds and features a unique aesthetic for the city – things are a bit less precious, if you will (although I can love me some precious.) There’s a noticeable Eastern influence and if I had to put my finger on a term for the vibe of the store, I’d say masculine-chic. (Despite the coin purses at the bottom of the post.) Owner Todd Philipps was nice enough to let me stop by and shoot a few of the things that make his space unique.

111 4th Street, NE
(434) 295-9500

Like this post? Be sure to vicariously visit the other stores in this series, Random Row and Low Vintage as well! AND check back next week for the first home to be featured on The S.S.!


8 thoughts on “This Is Charlottesville: The Curated Life

  1. Meredyth: it used to be next to eg and that hair salon, but recently moved…mb that’s why?
    Jeannine: I never got a chance to see the old location so I’m particularly happy it’s back now!
    Beth: glad you like the pictures, you guys are up next wednesday 🙂
    Dana: thanks! I’ll be sure to keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Sean, Thank you so much! Great picture, they really show the store. Much appreciation for the great feature on the store. The blog is wonderful. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! Todd, ARTIFACTS

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