Oops…I Did It Again

Drumroll please…

I accidentally unveiled the relaunch of my blog today!

I’ve been mulling over a name and slight concept change for a few weeks now, but hadn’t planned on introducing anything until I was ready. But then I accidentally created a URL redirect because reading is confusing, and now we have…Kankan!

What’s in a name?
Kankan is Mandarin for “look look.” Over the past few months as my blog has morphed from a travel diary into a repository for my musings on style and design, I’ve been wanting to “rebrand” the blog, so to speak, in order to better convey its focus. Why, then, did I settle on Kankan? It reflects a bit of personal history and speaks to the very nature of what it is I’m doing with my posts – calling the proverbial reader over and saying, “Hey, look at what I found! See what I see! Like what I like!”

Hopefully this description rings true for my readers, who’ve been increasing over the past few months, making March my best month since being featured as Freshly Pressed by WordPress.com back in November. Thanks for that!

How will this affect content?
It won’t. As you can see, all of my travel experiences are still available here, since the very beginning when this blog was simply, “My China Life.”  In future posts I hope to bring our attention to other spaces and places around me that I find interesting, captivating, or reflective of a conscious cultivation of personal style. This is a site dedicated to eyes wide open and I hope its content continues to inspire and shine a proverbial light on people, places and things that make the world a little more beautiful.



5 thoughts on “Oops…I Did It Again

  1. Beth: why, thank you!
    Mom: and thank you too!
    jc: haha, thanks much – it’s a phrase you’ll often hear when wondering around a market or, really in China, just on the streets, and someone wants to sell you something lol.
    kimberly: it was nice chatting with you too! thanks for reading along 🙂

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