This Is Charlottesville: A River Runs Behind It

For the first house to be featured in the “This Is Charlottesville” series I stopped by my aunt and uncle’s home on a bank of the Rivanna river. I remember in high school while they were building their house I couldn’t imagine why they’d decided to build something so “small.” Oh, how times have changed! I suppose I felt the thing one should do when allocating funds to custom build a home would be to make it as big as humanly possible – preferably a carbon copy of any English estate featured in the Keira Knightley version of Pride & Prejudice. I’ve of course been to their home many times since my teen years and have had time to appreciate that which makes it unique over the years, but it was still particularly resonant to approach it objectively and see the ways in which the house opened up in front of me – the story it told when it wasn’t simply serving as Where Beth And Jack Live.

The couple decided to name their home knowing that it was going to be a “dream house,” and decided on River Cliff even though the home technically resides on a bluff. River Bluff doesn’t have quite the same ring to it! Jack designed the home himself and has done quite a bit of construction on it, including adding a covered porch around the back.

The table is by local artist Beate Casati, whom the couple also commissioned to paint their dogs, Willy and Charlie.
Jack made the charcoal sketch himself years ago.
And last but not least, I wanted to share the photo below, even though it isn’t so great – to show that Jack custom built his dogs a ramp to get up to the bed! Love the attention to detail.
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7 thoughts on “This Is Charlottesville: A River Runs Behind It

  1. Great! Love it!
    Beth and Jack, I just realized that there are yet more wonderful parts of your house I have never seen… It’s always a treat!
    Thanks Sean, it was nice meeting you!

  2. Beth: Thanks!
    Beate: It was nice to meet you to, thanks for stopping by 🙂
    Stephanie: I’m glad you like the post, the feedback is definitely appreciated!

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