Apartamento Living: Like Ikebana, But Not Really

Let’s go ahead and bring my Japan kick full-circle by focusing in on my own space. I was cleaning up last week and the lack of a defined “home office” was really getting on my nerves. I’ve had all of my “home office” things sitting on one half of my dining room table for two months now and it’s getting old. The only desk I’ve found that I feel is really perfect (faux bamboo Chinoiserie!) is out of my price range (currently about $0-$1.50) so I decided instead to make the most of my assorted random stuff. That’s where the art of flower arranging comes in – not because flowers are involved in this, but because I like to think that there’s something generally artful about arranging things – any things! Maybe it’s the merchandiser-in-training in me. Actively working to create a balance between things in your space just feels good and has an air of Feng Shui about it.

Continuing with the retail analogy, I re-merchandised the bench at the foot of my bed (see the old set up here) by bringing out my hand-hammered Moroccan plate to a more prominent display position and setting the marble frag base (as previously seen in my bathroom) next to it. I like having the cologne bottles out in the living area because they make the whole place smell good when I spray them now. I love the way the gold lacquered Caspari tray contrasts with the distressed tin. The colors and shapes for some reason feel Oriental without anything actually being from Asia – a nice East-meets-West fusion!

Even neatly arranging my canvases makes them look a little less out of place and I can always declare them an installation piece if questioned. Right?

I got ’em local!
Tray, Cottage Consignment
Plate, The Curious Orange
Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters (our local one)


4 thoughts on “Apartamento Living: Like Ikebana, But Not Really

  1. I’m not sure if you’ve randomly arranged these things or if it’s a planned arrangement. But either ways – random or planned – they look brilliant. For example, I like how the sunglasses sits on the Vogue magazine and the yellow sneakers on top of the magazines. The arrangement looks like something out of an interior design magazine! Very cool.

    • Hoshiko: thanks! It is indeed planned – the idea is to sort of stage the room as they would for a magazine to make things look neater when you don’t have storage space! So I’m really glad you think those sunglasses and sneakers look good, because I have nowhere else to put them 🙂

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