Getting Dressed: Platforms Are Architecture, Too

I bought these Bass platforms yesterday. My friend saw me eyeing them at the SPCA Rummage and declared, “They’re heinous. You love them, don’t you?” And how!

Aside from the fact that they are very now (Prada S/S ’11, anyone?), I love that they easily add two inches to my height. They look like a pair of Doc Martens challenged them to an ugly contest and they won.

This whole outfit is a great exemplar of the unisex dressing mentality – here I am not wearing a single women’s item of clothing, but the overall effect is trés androgynous, no? To drive home the point, I fortuitously stumbled across a Vogue piece from five years ago about “finding your shape.” Apparently, I (and Marie-Amelie Sauve) am an exclamation point. The text describes the shape as, “long, tight pants – punctuated with weighty shoes or sharp shoulders.” And what a surprise! My shape here is exactly that – long, tight pants punctuated by weighty shoes. So, now I get to style for Balenciaga, right?


11 thoughts on “Getting Dressed: Platforms Are Architecture, Too

  1. Sorry honey, but those platforms are hideous! They make your feet look huge in proportion to the rest of your body. I have to agree with your friend who said they were heinous.

  2. that courtyard looks like the entrance to the secret garden or something. and you, standing in it, is so charming! and creepers are all the rage this year. so, as you said, they’re totally on point with the trends. go girl.

    • Yep it do! That’s my courtyard for ya – the previous tenant painted that, though. Thanks for the compliment and for noticing my slavish devotion to being the boy version of Chloe Sevigny as manifested by wearing fugly but hot shoes 🙂

  3. cute outfit and great photoshoot haha. i was in xi’an shopping and 2 things made me think of you! A GREAT work bag at Zara and I immediately thought to myself, I could see Sean rockin this. Then I saw an ad in the front of the store of a “girl” in a hot pink suit. google image hot pink zara suit and you’ll know what i’m talking about. but with the right styling she could be a he! unisex dressing for ya!

    • oh yeah! that’s stella tennant, and agreed she’s very androgynous…love her look! yeah the “photoshoot” haha, I wonder what people would think if they stumbled upon me in my courtyard like, laughing at the air and posing for twenty minutes…lord.

  4. Androgynous? They don’t make you look like a dinosaur at all. Extinct reptile from zillions of years ago? I don’t think so. I’m not reminded of Jurassic Park at all. You are too handsome for that. Not androgynous at all.

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