Inspiration: Editions de Paris

Editions de Paris is a series of books on Parisian interiors by a Japanese publisher. I found them tucked away on a bookshelf at Sonospace bookstore in Qingdao. Before I left China I made to sure to buy as many of them as I could afford – they’re usually 28USD, but I got them for 35RMB each (that’s about 5USD, fyi). The perspective is quirky and charming and the homes, offices and people featured are effortlessly chic – so effortless that I don’t even need to read the Chinese text, of which every fiftieth character is legible to me (this…man…home…that). If you want a little more info, read up on the series over at apartementtherapy.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Editions de Paris

  1. I can’t believe you’re able to buy those books at such a cheap price! So jealous. Haha. Beautifully printed interior design books usually cost me a bomb (in my currency, of course). Anyways, you’re right. This book, even with the few photos you’ve posted here, is really an inspiration.

    By the way, thanks for the link. Totally love that site.

    • I definitely got really lucky with the price, but since I had to ship them back to the States I suppose technically they were a bit more than just $5! I would’ve added more pics but I shot them all with my camera, which was a bit difficult, hence the link…glad you liked it!

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