Girlfriends, Antiques & What I Wore

This weekend I headed back to my parent’s house so I could borrow their car to get to the bi-annual Girlfriends of Greenwood antiques sale. My mission: find a desk. My second mission: avoid buying almost everything else.

An old desk from UVa…only $142! Absolutely loved it – if only I didn’t live in a shoebox!

Faux-bamboo chairs…love me some Chinoiserie…
And then I found jewelry. (The title of my to-be-penned memoir?)
Debra of the store OneZee’s had a great selection of kitschy ’70’s items, a passion we both share with mutual friend Nora of Low Vintage. Debra and I quickly bonded over The Seventeen Book of Etiquette and Entertaining (or: the perfect guide to getting and keeping a man without shaming your friends and family!)

Um, this woman edited Seventeen at some point? And she was named Enid?
Also, there were scones!

I did indeed find a desk, or rather, an old vanity that I’ll be using as a desk. Trés glamorous, no? I won’t be unveiling it on the blog until I’m ready to before-and-after it, though! Plans are a-brewing…

Thanks to all of the ladies for allowing me to take these pictures and being amazing antiques show hostesses! In the course of two days I have somehow managed to misplace every business card I picked up, but if you have questions you can find at least a little more information at and

UPDATE: I found the cards!
Caroline East at Willow Creek Antiques, 434-244-5860
OneZees at The Covesville Store, 434-295-9496 (email Debra at for more info!)


9 thoughts on “Girlfriends, Antiques & What I Wore

  1. I just went round a few charity shops this morning, I always come home with far more than I intended and I have no-where to put any of it! Love the blog.

  2. Your blog is just getting better and better—-love that Dr.Scholl’s ad btw. So much good stuff here.

    AND I was the G.O.Greewood sale this past weekend! I bought a rug and two end tables. It was awesome!

    Also: Your latest post—gah! I must watch Blast From the Past this weekend. I wonder if its available for Netflix rental???

  3. Stephanie, thanks SO much! Your kind words are very appreciated 🙂
    I’m glad to hear they had another excited customer – I would’ve bought more, but budgets, ugh! The Yellow Button is definitely worth a visit – it’s downtown across from the local library, right next to a great restaurant you should also visit when in town, Clementine. Tell Miranda Kankan sent ya! (Or just Sean Santiago’s blog haha…)

  4. Sean:
    Nice meeting you at the Girlfriend’s sale. Debra and I enjoy eclectic retro goodies and are always on the hunt. Covesville store is a fun place, you should make the trip out and check it out. We both enjoyed your pics and blog entry.

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