Inspiration: House [Contained]

Isn’t this house amazing? It reminds me, for whatever reason, of the bomb shelter that Christopher Walken and Sissy Spacek live in in Blast from the Past – the Pasadena-set romcom starring Alicia Silverstone and Brendan Fraser. (What? You’ve never seen it? I think it’s worth a rental…I vaguely recall enjoying it as a teenager…) What’s more amazing is that it’s constructed from old Chinese shipping containers. No, really! I love that they managed to take such a progressive approach to designing the home, but it still feels retro – and the interior is so bright and cheery! I never imagined a house made of shipping containers would be something worth swooning over, but there you have it.

Also causing the swoons? Interior designer Kelly Wearstler’s blog! I love Kelly…her blog is very Kankan. Check it out at (Discovered via theglamourai).

Images via Jetson Green via Latitude 38’s blog.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration: House [Contained]

  1. Wow – a house built from shipping containers. Who knew?

    I like how they decorate that pink room. It has this unique touch as compared to rest of the house. Very different and refreshing. It’s like it’s the featured room or something. Very cool. And the bedpost – that’s something different from what I usually see! It doesn’t have this country/English feel but I just fell in love with it.

    • I like that room too – it’s like an accent room! The decoration is a fun fusion of modern and retro, I think, and overall the space seems really cheery for people living in former storage containers!

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