Street Seen: Rosemary

It seems ages since my last Street Seen, as I often leave my camera behind when out walking and sure enough see someone interesting in passing. While I’ve recently been lucky enough to be granted access to some amazing homes, I don’t want the blog to take for granted that personal style is just as much an outlet for meaningful self-expression as a thoughtfully curated abode!

I walked by Rosemary last weekend while talking on my cell phone. She was sitting outside Focus Flea where she works, legs crossed, smoking. I paused outside the used bookstore next door to finish up my conversation and was happy to find her obliging when I asked to shoot her – I’m used to taking pictures candidly, but I have more time (and more options to pick from!) if I engage with my subject. I love the way Rosemary has chosen to wear her jewelry – mismatched necklaces layered over one another and bracelets and rings stacked onto her wrist and fingers. The effect is youthful and glamorous and rather de rigueur, if street style blogs are any indication.


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