This Is Charlottesville: And Baby Makes Three

Joey Conover and Jeff Erkelens of local design and build firm Latitude 38 were nice enough to let me into their home to snap a few pics. To sum up the experience, I. LOVE. THEIR. HOME. To put it more eloquently…the three story structure is located downtown off of West Main Street. It felt fitting to shoot as Spring begins since the interior features bright colors, bold patterns, and beautiful light. The home includes such unique features as a green roof and an indoor climbing wall, of all things, which Jeff says he used to climb to get to his third floor master suite – until Joey asked him to stop! The couple recently welcomed baby Eleanor into their lives and are moving in the fall into another custom-built home that’s a little more family-friendly (fewer steps will be involved…) Check back later in the week for a sneak preview of Latitude 38’s latest project!


10 thoughts on “This Is Charlottesville: And Baby Makes Three

  1. I like how they have this “little shelf” embedded on the wall for books and whatnot. That’s a great idea to save space. I’m curious why they have those stones (are they stones?) on one of the walls. Quite unique though.

    Great pictures, by the way.

  2. Jennifer: thanks! their home is really gorgeous, and I’m glad you like the pictures! I’m flattered 🙂
    Stephanie: I know, right? It’s so cute! Also, yes, you were totally right! Thanks for the suggestion~

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