Getting Dressed: Spring Is In The Air

Last week my apartment underwent the ritual known as “Spring cleaning.” Since I live in a cube this was a fairly easy process that involved mostly sweeping and a little scrubbing. The biggest issue I have with keeping my apartment in order is making sure my clothing doesn’t spill out all over everything, dominate my couch and turn my floor into an obstacle course. I tend to get dressed by pulling out everything that could go with anything and trying it on with all of the above. It isn’t very efficient. What’s nice about the seasons changing is that I can finally put away some of my heavier items – sweaters, cords, coats – and free up room for other things for which most people have closets. I can also start using some of my lighter bags – I’m putting away the brown leather Banana Republic tote and taking out my cotton canvas Steve Mono, in which I can stash my summer must-have Anthelios sunscreen tube (brilliantest invention ever) and a few other essentials. I know a lot of people change up their home décor for the seasons, but I’m a floral guy year-round, from my ties to my curtains. I’ll probably introduce a new home fragrance, although I won’t be getting rid of my Astier de Villatte Oulan Bator incense completely, because it was so expensive I love it. My personal fragrance is a layered combination of Acqua di Parma colonia assoluta and YSL L’homme, which works for winter and summer because it’s both warm and spicy and light and citrusy. Wardrobe-wise, I wear more collared shirts in warm weather, so I’ll probably be looking a little more prepster and less indie in the coming months. How do you change up your style & design regimens for the seasons?


2 thoughts on “Getting Dressed: Spring Is In The Air

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