Apartamento Living: The Corner Office

Ta-da! My “corner office,” featuring the vanity I purchased a few weekends ago at the Girlfriends of Greenwood sale. I said at the time that I was planning on blog-debuting the piece when I was ready to give it a makeover, but I’m no longer sure I what I want to do with it. I was thinking paint, but it’s already had so many layers and the peeling, worn effect is rather eye-catching itself. This makeshift office is actually a bit of a shrine to the Greenwood Country Store – the vase (in actuality a French country-chic wine jug), the antlers and the ballerina picture (purchased soon after seeing Black Swan) all came from the store or the sale as well!

My custom-cut boutonnière! The lilacs started to wilt the day after I brought them home, if you couldn’t tell from the desk photo. I guess I have a black thumb – is that a thing?

And as I told you, I’m a floral guy year-round – the last time I sent out one of these thank you cards (bought at O’Suzannah years ago on sale) was in January! They’re a tad more seasonal now. I gave one to my aunt and uncle for hosting a little family Easter get-together yesterday, to which I brought multiple containers of tupperware – no, really. I come prepared! Waste not, want not, right? Hope your weekends went well!

UPDATE: Forgot to mention! The flowers were purchased from farmer’s market vendor Steadfast Farms 🙂


10 thoughts on “Apartamento Living: The Corner Office

    • Thanks so much, Dana! Much appreciated 🙂 ps it was nice meeting you last weekend, sorry it was for such a short time! The store gets busy Saturdays :/

  1. Sean: The vanity/desk turned out amazing as a desk. Ahhhh Lilacs, they smell so good, my Mom cut a bunch over the weekend from my house. Glad your enjoying your treasures, a good eye indeed.

  2. A very beautiful corner. I have one question though – what do you do when you want to write? I tend to scribble on papers and use my laptop at the same time.

  3. Your taste is excellent; that vanity looks great along with the chair, antlers and flowers. Keep up the great interior design work!

  4. Jeremy: Yeah, I was really glad it fit the space so well, since I had so little to work with! A lucky find…do your lilacs die as quickly as mine? I was told they’d last a week 😦 thanks!
    Mere: Haha sure thing, although are you really feeling the urge to settle down right now? I saw your latest Malaysia photos – so beautiful!
    Hoshiko: Great question – I actually have no room to write on this desk, unfortunately 😦 I can move the computer off the desktop easily enough, but it’s a little wobbly so I use my dining table for writing still.
    Beth: Thanks, and will do!

  5. Lilacs use a great deal of water when placed in a vase. If u slightly recut the stems at an angle and add a teaspoon of sugar to the water it should prolong your blooms for a few more days. All the rain we have had the last few days pummeled my in the yard. They were beautiful in bloom. 

    • the rain + wind was terrible! I’m sorry for your yard, which I’m sure was much better kept than my own…and thanks for the tips, I’ll try again this weekend!

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