Cellar Door

There’s a scene in Donnie Darko – somewhere in there – where one character declares…and/or mentions off-handedly (I really should’ve re-watched that movie before deciding to write this post) that “cellar door” is the most beautiful combination of words in the English language. Mentioning that is simply my way of segueing into a post about my screen door, and how I think the view from it is one of the most beautiful in my apartment. It’s also the only view, but…forget I mentioned that. Screen doors are an oft-taken-for-granted Spring/Summer necessity that make the seasons so much more enjoyable – mine is broken, so be grateful if you can shut yours all the way! Saturday and Sunday mornings you’ll find me standing in my doorway trying to get better reception, imagining in my mind I look as connectivity-challenged chic as Caroline Trentini below. What’s your favorite “domestic vista,” if you will?


3 thoughts on “Cellar Door

  1. Hi Sean! Have been so busy. Your blog pops up in my email. Is rare I can/do make time
    to really study a blog. Can tell from just this post, your blog will be absolutely enthralling & enlightening(adore learning & being exposed to new people & ideas)
    Here’s what got me ““cellar door” is the most beautiful combination of words in the English language.”
    Words are one of my tip top favorite THINGS. I have favorite & despised words, Funny, as I declare myself the worst speller on planet & mispronounce lots.
    Reading I understand all (spot reader,vision is my style. No phonics was the way I learned, NOT taught:) WORDS, another revered, spice of life
    I have a shop, a friend is blogging for my shop. If you wish, please ck out
    http://www.candacamp.com Think you may find it interesting, diff. from yours yet still of interest.
    Carlin Camp (so excited!, truly)

    • Carlin,
      Great to have a new reader 🙂 We’ve actually met before – I stopped into your shop a few months ago! It was very interesting! Thanks for the kind words and stopping by, I’ll be sure to visit your blog~

  2. Hi Sean,

    I stumbled across your site and wanted to say “hi”. I actually have a website called http://www.cellarDoors.me. In addition to Donnie Darko, there are a few other reasons I chose the name. Great pics. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to more.

    Cheers ~ Damon

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