Piqued of the Week: One Man’s Mess

This week I’m posting my sporadic “Piqued” feature on Monday to provide some food for thought before I upload photos of the week’s featured space. I’ve lately been wondering to what extent the “design” of an interior is really a conscious process. I don’t take for granted that decoration is an art form and that an interior provides a unique and uniquely rewarding canvas on which to work, but our homes are shaped, to some extent, by the random events of life and how we let those events manifest themselves in some detail of our homes is an interesting thing to see. And seeing – it’s a more complicated act than biology would have you believe. When my bench makeover was featured on Design*Sponge one commenter noted that she liked the bench, but was too distracted by my unmade bed in the background to appreciate it. I wasn’t offended so much as surprised – in my eyes, those sheets look whipped and fluffy, like chocolate mousse. I love the texture and shadow they add to the picture. This issue of disorder conflicting with the appreciation of a particular “mise en scène” came up once more when a friend of mine noted of the dining room table in Joey and Jeff’s home that he would like it if only there wasn’t a “mess” on the table. But the chairs, the table – so beautiful! How could you get hung up on some silly papers?

With the controversy unleashed by the recent release of the un-design book Undecorate, one has to wonder – what exactly do we see when looking at someone’s home? The picture above is of my friend Debbie’s son’s room. He’s left for college and the room is a bit unkempt, as one would expect – a makeshift shelter for his former home life. I love the way the comforter looks, though, and the pops of orange and blue hidden underneath. When shooting Debbie’s home I had in mind the photos of French photographer Dominique Nabakov, whose candid interiors shots make one relish the lack of obtrusive staging. As I upload the photos of Debbie’s home this week, ask yourself what you see…don’t take it for granted because it’s undecorated!


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