Jessica Getting Dressed

Note: “Debbie’s House Part 2” will actually be up next week! My b.
Jessica is one of the lovely ladies of Low Vintage so I was sure she’d have an impressive closet. She was obliging enough to let me into her home where I found that she actually has an amazing, astounding and borderline mind-blowing collection of vintage – Ossie Clark, Pierre Cardin, Oscar de la Renta…random lacy concoctions from the 20’s (still in one piece!) and retro-kitsch numbers from the 70’s and 80’s. And it’s not just her closet that’s brimming with vintage – she has an extra bedroom devoted to the collection as well! She’s been building up her wardrobe for years, buying pieces that catch her eye – no particular devotion to a certain label (although a noted fondness for certain silhouettes and a definite appreciation for the loud and fabulous). We quickly bonded over her Rachel Comey boots and then extra-bonded over her Alaïa boots (grommeted, below). Her house was as quirky and endearing as a home for all of this amazing stuff should be, full of antiques and hand-me-downs from parents, grandparents and thrift stores. We put on a record and she showed me around…

The skirt below, left, is 80’s Stephen Sprouse.


6 thoughts on “Jessica Getting Dressed

  1. Jessica has some of the most unusual and amazing clothes I’ve ever seen! I love watching her dogs because i get to peek in her closets … Its like being in a fashion museum.

  2. Mom: thanks!
    Jessica: We did indeed! Thanks and thanks to your dogs for being good models 🙂
    Design Elements: I love that quote too! Thanks for stopping by.
    Jessika: Her house was like a temple – I loved it! Sooo much fun and I’m jealous you get to babysit her dogs and look at her clothes. Can’t wait to shoot YOUR collection!

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