Debbie’s House Part 2

And now for part deux of Debbie’s home! Below is a picture of the backyard…the yellow building is the cottage her brother John lives in, the interior of which is featured here. That path from the cottage towards the house was actually Debbie’s wedding walk, and she and her husband were married under the large tree to the right. John is the man responsible for the brightly colored buildings on the grounds…quite the artiste!

The blue glass bowl below is a favorite piece of John’s, which he unfortunately shot with a BB. But it didn’t completely fall apart, so hooray for silver linings!

The yellow building below is a former chicken coop, given a second life as apartments and a third life as a house. The downstairs still needs to be renovated – I took a few shots of the interior, but not enough for a Debbie’s House Part 3 – yet!
 An abandoned car down by the river behind the house.


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