Getting Dressed: Khaki & Navy

My spin on the classic color combo…which hopefully does not bring to mind private school uniforms…

I should just rename every “Getting Dressed” post “The Low Lookbook,” considering all of my clothes are from there. The khaki shirt is actually an old military shirt, the blue pants are H&M and the penny loafers are from Low as well (seen previously here). Be sure to keep your eye out for Low’s new logo, which I designed! Nora says the new signs are being printed and should be up soon. (For those of you who haven’t seen my previous post about Low, or clicked on the link to it above, Low Vintage is the new name of Antics, the vintage store on the downtown mall. When I see people with Low bags I always get excited and ask how they liked the store, only to be met with curious stares – that new signage can’t come out soon enough!)


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