Cowboy Bebop

Because a friend of mine commented on the inspiration for this post, “no one dresses like that in the Southwest,” I give you my outfit and declare it officially inspired by what I’ll label a fallible fashion fantasy. Blame Ralph Lauren! The bracelet and extraordinarily controversial fringed pouch (i.e. everyone thinks it is comically ugly, but I love it) are from Low. I tried a slightly more romantic feel for the photos in this post…I have to admit that being my own photographer is getting exhausting and definitely reaching the limits of its potential as a form of self-expression. Also, I’m pretty sure the people who work in the office above my courtyard think I have zero friends considering half the time they look down I’m sitting there laughing and smiling at nothing. It’s great!


2 thoughts on “Cowboy Bebop

  1. Sean I bought leather fringed Ralph Lauren pants (light tan, softest leather ever) about six years ago. NO ive not worn but just might NOW:)
    Im all about FRINGE (used wisely). My purse has thick fringe. IMO every person daring enough to ride a motorcycle(Im terrified of them) should at least have PINK, wink~ FRINGE~ poking from the handle bars. My petal bike does, truly! & a basket
    “Southwest” look is tricky. Gots to knock it back rather than forward. Thats what I think……& do! & you wear it well, of course.

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