Inspiration: Iris Apfel in Architectural Digest

Iris Apfel’s apartment is featured in the latest issue of Architectural Digest, and I love it in all it’s quasi-baroque glory (patterns and colors and textures, oh my!) Click the link to view the full slideshow, plus they’ve got a q+a!


One thought on “Inspiration: Iris Apfel in Architectural Digest

  1. When I grow up I wish to be JUST like Iris Apfel. Knowing CAN’T TOUCH her, notice typed “wish to be”:)
    HOWEVER A.C. did title article ” Iris Apfel’s EXUBERANT (hello my shop wall) Apartment”. *Exuberant* one of my ~tip of top~ fav. words, EVER!
    Sean, I think W. Blake nailed it best & honestly in his statement “Exuberance is beauty”. I know Iris Apfel is beautiful & would bet exuberant! Just like YOU!
    and……………………….. just LOOK at ALL of Iris’ BOOKS, all over the place, as (IMO) they should always be. Amen

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