Behind the Seams: Coogan Makes a Clutch

I mentioned in my previous post spotlighting Coogan that he’s developing a locally-sourced denim line in the near future…but that’s not all, folks! Working with local entrepreneurs John and Sarah Owens (subject of their own Kankan feature later this month), Coogan is currently hard at work on a line of cocktail clutches made from old maps. What’s that, you say? This sounds like uncharted accessories territory…[see what I did there?] and indeed it is a new and exciting project that I had to stop by and see for myself. How would it work? What would it look like? Could I have one?

John and Sarah had a pop-up shop on the downtown mall last year and are in the process of setting up their new location on West Main. The duo had some old Swedish maps lying around in their eclectic collection and left it up to Coogan to find a new life for them. Et voila! Coogan invites me over to see his map-clutch prototype. (Saying “map-clutch prototype” sounds so technical. Maybe Bond will use it in an upcoming 007 adventure, no?)

Coogan is shopping the concept around to some local boutiques and I know that if there’s enough map left over, I’ll be ordering an oversized man clutch. (What is the technical term for a “man clutch”? I think it’s “envelope bag,” or something like that…sign me up!)


2 thoughts on “Behind the Seams: Coogan Makes a Clutch

  1. Oh wow these sound amazing and look so sweet. Love the recycling of vintage maps! I’ve seen something similar cropping up in some antique shops in Alexandria; a line of large pendant like jewelry made from old maps that are encased in glass with a golden frame. These clutches seem like a step about though.

    • I know, right? Glad you like ’em, Erik! I’ll be sure to show more of the process if I end up getting one…and of course the finished product 🙂

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