Lucy Getting Dressed

“I don’t have anything designer,” Lucy warned me. In the words of Cher Horowitz, as if! Labels don’t matter when you’ve got an eye like Lucy’s – she’s the merchandiser for Urban Outfitters here in Charlottesville. We’ve quickly bonded over our twin passions for clogs and keeping our hair up (joke). I invited myself over the other week to see what she had in her closet and she obliged me by playing dress up. The above outfit is what I styled her in…a short mod-ish number cinched with a belt to make a waist (the dress naturally falls like a trapeze dress) and, of course, chunky heels.

As you can see above, Lucy keeps some of her to-be-worn outfits on hooks on her wall so she can do some off-duty merchandising for herself!

When Lucy lived in London she shopped at chain Primark, which she says is known unofficially as “Primarni,” to make it sound more designer-y. “Like Marni?” I asked. “No,” she said, “like Armani.” I guess it really covers both bases!

At this point Lucy literally took a dive into her closet…which, as you might imagine, has a lot from UO and Anthropologie.
And then we ended up with this shot.

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