A brief note about the blog’s new look.

I apologize for the weeklong delay in posting, but as you can see, it was all for a good cause as the site got a new theme! I think the new look will help clarify the blog title (although it won’t necessarily ease pronunciation). Same basic format, just with an “open” feel, a quirkier comment interface and some enhanced functionality, should I choose to use it. What do we think?

Also, post titles now will simply be a sentence about what exactly we’re seeing, because I think that’s the next frontier in hipsterdom (after writing everything in lower case letters.)

P.S. Thanks so much to those of you who’ve nominated moi for the C-ville “Best Of” blogger, I really appreciate the support! And nominations are still being accepted, fyi… 🙂



5 thoughts on “A brief note about the blog’s new look.

  1. Nice new look. It would be even better if the pictures filled up the blank, white spaces on the sides. You take good pictures, show them big. =)

    • I know! Thanks for the compliment. I’ll have to see if I can modify the coding of the site to get the images larger, which is a bit of work…and I think with WordPress that costs money…so in due time!

  2. I really like this new look! Although the previous look was very original; it was a bit overwelming to navigate. This is much more soothing:)

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