Nan Goldin is coming to our town.

Nan Goldin is coming to Charlottesville. This is exciting because she’s a really big deal. French Vogue big. She’s also an incredibly well-respected documentary photographer whose work speaks to so much more than brand names and airbrushed boobs…but still. I’ve got a relatively one track mind when it comes to photographers and that track is Fashion. (Say it with jazz hands!)

Goldin’s images aren’t all as overtly sexual as the ones I’ve chosen to display here, but during my extensive internet searching I gravitated towards these. Let’s read into that! Later.

Her exhibit, part of the Look 3 Festival of the photograph, is aptly titled Scopophilia: The Love of Looking. It will be at the Second Street Gallery from June 3rd-June 26th. Her INsight conversation is at the Paramount on June 11th from 4-6pm. For more details about Goldin and the events, click here. This is my first time being around for and fully cognizant of the Look festival so I’m excited to see exactly what it is.


4 thoughts on “Nan Goldin is coming to our town.

  1. WOW & I am going to exhibit. These (exulting first, no double thinking needed on the hotness:) photographs make a person really want to be in know on the person’s thoughts. For me translates into best, most interesting & provoking of photography.
    & after all, isn’t that the point of GREAT photography? Yup!

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