Taking pictures down by the river.

Because I’m just a simple country boy…

Lucy and I headed down to the Rivanna something something park to snap some shots for my lookbook. It’s a really nice park! I’m sure lots of people enjoy normal outdoor activities there such as jogging, taking their babies/dogs for walks and fishing or whatever. The things I enjoy doing outside include:

1) Sitting and reading
2) Walking slowly
3) Sitting and eating

Obviously I’ll also take pictures of myself out of doors, as long as I don’t have to step into the water where the algae is because that’s gross.

The shirt is a woman’s deep V-neck (haha, whoops) from Urban Outfitters. It’s made of modal (learn about it here!) and manufactured in the U.S., of all places (hooray!) The necklace is also from UO, and the jeans are from Banana Republic. They’re actually the women’s denim legging style…[double whoops]. The belt is from Ike’s – and is officially my favorite belt ever. I wear it almost every day, with everything.

Enjoy the weekend, and be sure to get out and see some of the Look3 exhibits! I stopped by a few galleries today – they’re a nice reprieve from the heat and make me fondly reminisce on my time museum-hopping last fall in Basel. I particularly liked Christopher Anderson’s portraits at the Water Street gallery, for the recommendation-inclined…

3 thoughts on “Taking pictures down by the river.

  1. Great pictures, it looks like your having a lot of fun. Also LOVE modal, really soft, flexible fabric. More forgiving then Lycra.

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