It’s officially summer and all I wanna wear is black.

As the seasons have progressed, so has my look. For whatever reason, I find myself leaving the “traditional” roots that informed the foundation of my winter wardrobe behind and am turning instead to the bad guys from Buffy the Vampire Slayer for inspiration. I’m loving denim cut offs, black leather, eerie statement jewelry and oversized tops.

This shoot took place in a graveyard off Maple Street. I suppose I was thinking it might be a fun neo-gothic spin to put on a first-day-of-summer shoot, but really the place was just too beautiful to be macabre. If you can get over the simple fact that it’s a graveyard I think it’s a wonderful place to while away an afternoon…maybe have a picnic – although that’s a bit Addams Family, isn’t it?

Theoretically this outfit is pulling inspiration from London’s punk scene in the ’80’s…but really, it’s more like what I imagine that to be like, if the punks are actually 15-year-old art students who can’t make art and listen to Kylie Minogue more than The Ramones. The main point of contention here, it must be said, is the deep-V. Apparently it’s appearance in my last outfit post caused a quiet stir with at least one reader/friend, who declared it incontrovertibly “cheesy.” Sacre bleu! What do we think? Does my new favorite thing ever (said deep-V) cross a line?

82 thoughts on “It’s officially summer and all I wanna wear is black.

  1. IMO a V neck is the best looking most classy tee a man can wear. If worn well, Sean you wear it well!
    Think you are in Maplewood Cemetary, if so the beauty is breathtaking & inspirational. Inspirational?
    It was here I found “art” after trekking through many cemeteries looking for a head stone to duplicate. My childrens father
    had died. I was to design a headstone. This cemetery gave me inspiration, I read the stones, saw the crumbled ones, sat until dusk. Realized all families carry burdens & hurdle obstacles Looked up & found exactly what I had been looking for. Added my touches & Voilá! a creation was crafted in GA of natural stone. Nope I wasnt sad about my task, was honored & results will please the eyes of my childrens great grandchildren one day:)
    Now back to classics ha! Sweetheart your V is a classic, as my creation. NOW I ask a task of you….. TEACH a middle aged lady how to properly wear a V tee without looking like a hoochie mama, wink!

  2. Carlin: wonderful story! And you’re right, it is beautiful, not sad 🙂 I’m glad you think I wear the v-neck classily and will do my best to help you find the right way to wear yours!
    Aaron: Haha I’m flattered 🙂 And yes the jacket is like my favorite thing ever!

  3. Mikalee: Thanks! It’s nice to be featured, I must say…be sure to subscribe if you need more style in your life 🙂
    theladyinredink: Thanks, that’s good to hear!

  4. I like the V, but think the rest looks a big ‘hot’ for summer wear. I’m hoping that where ever you are from, it doesn’t get as hot as it does here! 🙂 Great blog!

  5. shadowk1ssed: thanks!
    ournote2self: well, it gets pretty darn hot lol, but the weather’s been wonky this year so there are moments when this works! thanks for stopping by 🙂
    mayashaw: The necklace is vintage – it was my grandmother’s!
    Rufus: glad there’s definitely at least one Buffy watcher in the audience! thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. Sean, you’re the man. I hereby deem you an “Alpha male” — the honorary Alpha male of the week. Why? ‘Cause you’re a writer, for one. Two, you have chest hair (that’s manly — I’m just sayin’). Three, rockin’ the black. You have to be a man to be able to wear black during the summer and subsist in the heat.

  7. I wish I’d read your blog yesterday! It was a beautiful day and I wanted to wear a t-shirt (round-neck I’m afraid) that looks good with my black skinny jeans, but I didn’t have the nerve to step outside for fear of attracting heat and strange looks. Well if I want to wear black denim in the sun why can’t I?! And if I want to eat my sandwiches in the cemetery then why not?! (Hmmm not really sure about that last bit)

  8. Black will forever give a classic genre; no matter what season or age. Personally i like black too because of the element of mystery it conveys.

  9. Love the black and white photo of you in the graveyard – very nicely done. The Green Docs are hot, and necklace rocks (dudes should wear jewelry more often). Screw what everybody else is wearing, wear what you like – show people who you are thru your clothes (even if it’s a different person every season or day). Best wishes.

    • I enjoyed the site, especially the impact of the black and white look of the site. What caught my attention was the “Heading Line.” Since I am a senior with an extra thirty pounds on me, I have found the dark colors always look better on me. I recently brought a “hoodies” designer type white garment. My wife remarked I looked like a marshmallow in it. I took it back to the store, even though it was on sale for $10 bucks. Of course, this Texas heat at an average of 100 degrees does not help the black/dark outfits. Congrads on making FP.

  10. your pictures are funny. i live in iowa and the summers are freakishly hot. i wear black constantly because it hides sweat. and it’s easy to be sweaty with a heat index of 110. ew.

  11. This post wins mostly because of the Buffy reference. 🙂 awesome pictures. Graveyards are amazingly relaxing, which no one seems to realize.

  12. Tres chic is the deep V-tee..
    Great cemetery shots and I think a cemetery is a perfectly loverly place to spend the day..!!

    Much enjoyed this post!

  13. I love your content! Very nice photographs! Congrats on being freshly pressed!

    I mostly love your Buffy comparison! Angel would be really jealous of your awesome style! You’re up there with Spike on my list!!

  14. Hey there! I really like your blog and i totally subscribed 😛 i just checked this post out with my biffle and we both think you have a unique fashion sense and I too enjoy wearing all black in the summer time xD

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  17. I have been trying to ween myself off of my all black wardrobe but I can’t! I always go back to black. I love cemetery photo shoots, I have no objection to picnics in graveyards. And yes, the v neck looks good on you.

  18. Whatever works for you, works for you. Who cares about if it was hip in the 80s or the 90s?

    Seems to be working quite well on you btw! 🙂

  19. It’s interesting to see your perspective of a graveyard, and kinda’ bringing it to life. In my culture we regard it as “Tapu” which means sacred. We aren’t allowed to eat in graveyards, or sit on graves. And when we leave we have to wash our hands and faces with clean water.

    Dakota @

  20. I live next to a cemetery and also think it’s a beautiful place to shoot. Love the knee length denim cut offs on men too and of course the v-neck tee. Very Beckham chic.

  21. I really love your pictures (unfortunately haven’t read your post so far because your pics were to striking!) — favourite is the one with the dog (I think that is a dog and not a carpet 😉 And according to the headline: black is beautiful – you don’t need to make your mind up because of this. Cheers!

  22. –Why do you always wear black?

    Masha: I’m in mourning for my life.

    Favorite Chekhov quote for girls who like to wear black (and be asked about it). Cheers!

  23. Buffy the Vampire Slayer? haha. How cheesy! Check out the band Immortal. Maybe something a little darker and far more bad ass will rub off on you.

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  25. That`s what the GAP`s theme right now.. Anway, your necklace is amazing…. It gave more chills with all those tombs too.. Nice! 🙂

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