Things we bring in from outside.

I finally picked up some new flowers last weekend. They’re not much to look at, as I had to decide between buying enough to make some semblance of a bouquet and eating. I chose eating. I do like having flowers in my apartment, though, and one of these days I might get around to picking up more than a few stems…although the slim arrangement is also, in part, dictated by the narrow mouth of the bottle in which I choose to display it. I need a new vase…though this is rather pretty, no?

In other plant news, I decided to stop eating meat the other week after finishing Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals. Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t vegetarian, so it’s like I have to forge my own path or something. So far I’ve not had too much trouble avoiding land-based animals, but I haven’t given up fish since the Seafood Watch iPhone app handily informs readers what’s overfished and what’s aplenty. Bourgeois indulgence to the rescue!

My big moral dilemma is that, living as I do in a relatively rural area, I actually have access to meat that is raised outside the industrial agricultural system. (More than anything, although I am rather fond of animals and don’t necessarily want them to die, the environmental impact of meat eating is what convinced me to attempt a meatless diet once again – I can’t abstain from driving and declare oil, “like, the worst thing ever” if cow farts from my hamburger’s past life are a bigger hazard). What’s worse, my friend’s parent’s cow or Atlantic farm-raised salmon? *Le sigh* I realize, as one friend pointed out, that not eating meat, but still practically worshipping leather is a bit of a cross purpose. But…shoes! One day I’ll reconcile the issue, for now I’ll stick to vintage and veggies.


5 thoughts on “Things we bring in from outside.

  1. Lovely pictures!

    I agree on the meat issue. But my problem is I get weak and lethargic without animal protein in my diet. I like animals, but I like eating them too.

    You could always just tell yourself that steak grows on trees.

  2. Yes, your arrangement of flowers is very attractive… As is the way you are re-arranging your thoughts on your eating choices. It does seem an awful shame to commit these billions of innocent beings to a short, miserable life just to satisfy our gustatory desires… There is a plethora of information on the web about healthy and satisfying plant based alternatives to meat/dairy and eggs.

    My two favorites are Physicians for Responsible Medicine:
    And Compassionate Cooks:

    As far as the environment goes… Within the last few days a new study has been released which shows animal products are the most harmful food choice one can make: Meat Eaters Guide to Climate Change & Health

    Finally, although it may work for some – pretending meat comes from trees… You seem like a very intelligent observer and I don’t think that type of denial will fly for you… I always try to put myself in the place of the animal to guide me on what is “humane” or not. Good luck on your journey. ~peace~

  3. You aren’t the only one with the shoe dilemma. Morrissey (of Smiths fame) allegedly used to wear leather shoes because he believed there was no reasonable alternative. I always found it mildly humorous that such an anti-meat, anti-animal cruelty advocate could rationalize it in that way.

    I think I’ve told you this on Twitter, but I love your blog so much.

  4. Lee: Thanks! I thought the pictures were lovely too…we’ll see how the meat dilemma plays out!
    Bea: Thanks for the well wishing and the links! Appreciated 🙂
    Kelly: I think he and Stella McCartney teamed up to make a line of vegan footwear, but I don’t know if it actually came to fruition…also, yes quite funny considering what he said about the Chinese! And thank you SO much for your kind comment, I think you did tell me via Twitter as well, but it’s always nice to hear!

  5. Your flower arrangement is quite elegant, sometimes you don’t need a lot of flowers (or color) to make a statement.

    As far as the moral dilemma goes, we’re walking contradictions – Morrissey is a great example of how convenience can win out over a cause. Do what feels good for you, even if it means putting bacon on a veggie burger.

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