All good things come to an end (and every end is a new beginning…)

Dear mom + internet friends,

I have an announcement! It may upset some of you, shock others and/or create a general state of paranoia on the interwebs. Or not.

After some time thinking about this blog and where it started/where it is now, I’ve come to the decision to stop posting on Kankan. I’m not deleting the blog, although I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll be shifting any of the content in the future. Since I’m sure you’re staring at the computer screen scratching your face saying, “Whyy is this happeniNg?!” I’ve got some talking points to explain:

1) I wAnt 2 have ALL the InTerNet’s bAbies!!

1) That first #1 was a joke. I’m switching from the WordPress platform to Blogger because of HTML coding and Google Analytics.

2) I envisioned Kankan as something other than what it seems to have naturally morphed into – I think Kankan was a better name for what I was doing abroad and what I was attempting to accomplish here before the realities and restrictions of a 9-5 job were taken into account. I’d like to stop adding to the content here so that the posts I created focusing on different spaces/places are available and not buried underneath things that are related, but not necessarily going in the same direction. This is not to say that original content focusing on local treasures is going away…it’ll just be re-formatted, so to speak.

3) I’ve been looking into other publishing platforms (oo la la! tell me more!) and I have high hopes that the original content I created here, specifically that related directly to Charlottesville, will get a second life…but more on that later. Don’t want to jinx anything!

4) Let’s be real. No one knows what the hell this blog is called. It’s an issue. (But still a cute name!)

5) I just like it when lists are at least five points long. Point #5.

My new lifestyle blog, which I have envisioned as a lifestyle blog and which will be awesome, launches Monday. If you have subscribed to this blog, which I sooo greatly appreciate (three o’s worth of appreciation!) you will indeed have to re-subscribe to the new blog. But who doesn’t love signing up to get new emails in this day and age?

To make a long story short (after telling you the long story already), I got a new idea and I’m running with it – it’ll be fun! Scout’s honor.

P.S. Ok, that last part is a lie, I was never a boy scout. But it’ll still be fun!


5 thoughts on “All good things come to an end (and every end is a new beginning…)

  1. Aaron: I know, I’m sorry for the pain. Being crazy is fun though!
    Mom: Thanks~
    Stephanie: Much appreciated!
    Nicole: You will always “to anything” I produce? Didn’t you just get a job using words? :p Love you! And thanks!!

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