“The relationship between art, fashion, and interiors is something that really resonates with me.” – Kelly Wearstler

Kankan (pr. kahn-kahn) is Mandarin for “look look.” This is a blog devoted to the aesthetically interesting, pleasing or divisive. And also a bit about me and my life.

– Sean

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Nicely done site, I really like “I Tarzan, You Jane.” There’s a saying I’d rather cry in the back of a Bentley then happy on the back of a bike. I think a commonalty that share east and is men in heterosexual relationships the fatter you pockets are you bigger you belly can be. I think that in gay life men face just as much pressure as heterosexual women to be thin or ripped. I live in Qingdao to I’m new to the city. I’m from Los Angeles and have live in China for 2 years.

  2. Hi Sean!!!!! ^0^
    Where R U now? Italy??
    I wanna go there too!!
    I’m missing U~~~
    I wanna see U again~~~
    Take care of your health above all things! ^^

    • aah! kwang jin! i’m in switzerland now and i’m missing you too! and kyung ho and mi ran and sherry and saya! how are you all doing? and i’ll be sure to stay healthy haha 🙂

  3. It’s great to hear from China expats. I studied there in 08/09 and meanwhile taught english on the side. I’m ethnically Chinese so mandarin isn’t a problem. Love your photos. Will read about your adventures and just followed you on Tumblr too. Just so happens, I love Korean men as well. 🙂 Haha, we have more in common than we know. I’m from Sydney, Australia, the isolated continent. And here’s my salutations for the day.

    • That’s so awesome! I just followed you on tumblr too, oh man the internet. I’m glad you like my blog and the pics – it’s nice to know there’s someone reading who can appreciate the China pics! China definitely has its own context. And yeah, one of my friends and I developed “K-dar” living in the town we were in in China, because there were so many Koreans. Hahaha. Great to know I have an Australian audience 🙂 Also, jealous of your weather.

  4. Love the blog, Sean. LOOK3 is accepting submissions of photographs that celebrate Charlottesville as home. Would be great to receive something from you!

    *CHARLOTTESVILLE LOCALS* – LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph’s theme this year is HOME. We will create a 5min multimedia piece using your photographs of Charlottesville as home. This show will be projected on the big screen at our SHOTS projection on Friday, June 10 at 9pm in the Charlottesville nTelos Wireless Pavilion! SHOTS is free and open to the public. To participate, please submit 1 photograph that represents CHARLOTTESVILLE AS HOME to you. Please send an email to home@look3.org and attach a .JPG that is 72dpi, 1080 pixels on the tall side, no larger than 3 MB. Images need to be submitted no later than June 4 in order to be considered for the SHOTS show. By submitting your image you grant LOOK3 permission to use it in show and you agree that it is an original work and you have full permission to share it.

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