I love my garden, even when it smells like poo.

I took a composting class the other weekend at Blue Ridge Eco Shop – just dropped in by happenstance and sat through about an hour of enlightenment. Owner Paige was gracious enough to extend the 10% off for attending the class and so I returned a week later with my knowledge and picked up an Official Composter, which, as you can see from picture four, has a happy picture of itself eating my garbage. It likes it! That’s good, because I have a lot of it. Having taken a Class I felt prepared for the challenge of dumping my organic waste into a pile in the yard and mixing it with leaves, but it turns out composting is trickier than that. Also, even when you swear you’re doing it right and you’re willing to bet a million dollars on that fact, your pile of decomposing waste can still smell like poo (and it’s gross). I just want to divert as much of my trash away from landfills so that my future babies don’t live in a trash world! Or a Kevin Costner movie.

I have good reason to idealize urban green living. Listen to how Annie Novak, a Brooklyn rooftop farmer featured on the Urban Outfitters’ blog, describes her life:

“Most days I wake up at 7am, feed the animals (chickens and rabbits), and check on all the veggies. The light and temperature that early in the morning is beautiful. Then I break around 2pm to eat lunch with the friends I’m working with. We’ll ride bikes in the afternoon – sometimes out to the Rockaways to visit the ocean, or sometimes to Manhattan to run errands or go to a museum. In the evening, we’ll check out a cool new local foods restaurant and see if the chef wants to buy our produce, or I’ll cook a big feast for friends at my house while we listen to the radio. Between May and November, every day is a perfect day!”

WHAT?! And she lives in Brooklyn – I live in a small town in the South! Shouldn’t bunny rabbits, bike riding and eating with friends be a part of my green routine? Not flies, the scent of dumpsters in heat and more flies that just birthed themselves in my stinkpile?

So gardening and I are on hold for the moment, until I get the basic decomposition of organic matter into soil under control. But the stuff that’s sprung up on it’s own is rather pretty, no? At least I haven’t killed it all! (yet!)

Kicking Back

I recorded another vlog, just for you! And you, and you, and you!

P.S. Yesterday was the Chinese New Year! AND it’s my animal sign year! Hooray for rabbit people. Click here to check out my time celebrating the holiday in Beijing last year (use the arrow at the bottom of the page to scroll through every day), and here to view a video of the intense fireworks action.