Gorgeous little things.

 This past Saturday unexpectedly became a day for ceramics shopping. I happened upon a sale at O’Suzannah and picked up the adorable little vessel you see holding my rings. I don’t know what to call it – it’s sort of an oblong miniature decorative plate? The crown stamp won me over…but of course, so did the price tag ($7.) The olive jar holding my pens/pencils came from Artifacts, where I also picked up some twine to use in lieu of a leather strap that broke on one of my vintage bags (a little project the results of which will be featured in the near future, for sure!) as well as a Le Cahier notebook that’s comparable in size to Field Notes notebooks, but isn’t as conspicuous.
The little dish you see here serving as a candle base is from Oasis spa, of all places! They have a solid selection of inexpensive and absolutely gorgeous Japanese pottery…little cups and bowls and dishes you can set keys and rings and rogue diamonds sitting in, just to be glamorous. The wave pattern is so charming and this was only four dollars! The abstract floral pattern on my new makeshift toothbrush holder (see below) is wonderfully retro yet modern and the blue pottery contrasts beautifully with my bamboo toothbrush and soap dish. Now if only I could keep my sink so clean all the time…

This Is Charlottesville: The Curated Life

Artifacts is located across from O’Suzannah on the Downtown Mall. The store is full of amazing finds and features a unique aesthetic for the city – things are a bit less precious, if you will (although I can love me some precious.) There’s a noticeable Eastern influence and if I had to put my finger on a term for the vibe of the store, I’d say masculine-chic. (Despite the coin purses at the bottom of the post.) Owner Todd Philipps was nice enough to let me stop by and shoot a few of the things that make his space unique.

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