The happiness project, or, a five-point plan for the perfect weekend morning.

1) Stop by the Farmer’s Market first thing Saturday morning and pick up fresh blueberries and raspberries, because they are delicious and beautiful.

2) Because you are spiritually a petite Frenchman and inherently disdain “exercise,” skip this crazy thing called jogging and meander over to the Albemarle Baking Company to inhale the aromas and pick up a loaf of bread – carrying it home will be your strength training for the day.

3) On your way back swing by Mudhouse for a cappuccino. Take an Instagram of it and Tweet the picture to your followers.

4) Mix granola, two heaping scoops of Greek yogurt and berries in a bowl. Drizzle with honey. Eat without purpose, solely for pleasure, while poring over the shiny, glossy pages of a magazine (read backwards for a Japanese twist.)

5) Repeat every Saturday for the entire summer.

Apartamento Living: Flower Arrangement No. 2

I know it’s not much of an arrangement, per se…but it is pretty! These are Allium seed pods I picked up at the farmer’s market Saturday. The vendor who sold them to me (forgot to get her name…next week) said these would be much harder to kill than other varietals (am I using that word correctly?) so fingers crossed. The “vase” is an old water jug/jar thing my parents had in the basement. I’m really loving the household-objects-as-vase look. And I love how art deco the seed pods look….a bit more masculine than my hydrangea/lilac arrangement and definitely more minimal – nature’s nod to the sunburst!