Stylish Under-armer: The Man Clutch

Ok, so this last photo is definitely not of a man, but it’s so freaking awesome.

My current obsession is the Man Clutch. It’s not always a clutch – as the pictures evidence it’s sometimes just a way of carrying a trimmer bag – but it is always my favorite thing ever for right now. Long-time readers know my bag collection to be an international affair – the Filson briefcase from NYC, the Steve Mono tote I bought at Seibu in Hong Kong, the vintage satchel I picked up at an outdoor market in Basel – and I love that every piece comes with a story. (Although, that being said, my favorite bag right now is a leather tote I picked up at Banana Republic thanks to my generous employee discount.) A clutch feels right for Spring, simply because I imagine a smaller bag you can carry without your arm getting tired is obviously light and easy, and goes better with shorts than a big bag you would hold with a gloved hand. Those clutches at Lanvin are last season now, but you can bet I’ll be keeping my eye out for those digitally-derived impostor python prints on my next trip to NYC in case someone’s consigned one of those babies. While I wait for that to happen, you’ll find me clutching my leather bag from Florence under my arm this spring (in a manner quite similar to picture three, as a matter of fact).

P.S. The vlog that “Seibu in Hong Kong” links to I filmed almost a year ago right after I got back from Hong Kong and it is…tragic. But fast forward a bit and you’ll see the Steve Mono bag in ALL THREE DIMENSIONS! You know, two-dimensionally.

P.P.S. Speaking of men’s style, this guy has as many pairs of shoes lying around his house as I do!

Images via Nam & Tommy Ton.