There Has a Giant Buddha?

the big the flesh...sort of...

look how tiny all the people are!

now you know I was really there (can you tell I was really there?)

As I said before, the line to see this guy was insane and the actual enjoyment/transcendence derived from being finally in his presence didn’t quite measure up. After I took in all of his glory I made my way out of the park (I’d thought to myself going in, “Oh, I’ll just pass back through all of these little temples and whatnots on my way out”). Little did I know I’d have barely the energy to hold myself up afterwards. I downed a bottle of iced tea and made my way towards the exit, defying hassling taxi drivers who insisted they should drive me back to Chengdu and that really they offered a reasonable price for the service (not). I asked a woman where the bus stop was and after she told me (I understood her pointing) I made my way valiantly and independently back to where I’d been dropped off earlier that morning. I couldn’t figure out if I’d purchased my return trip ticket, so luckily two girls who spoke English helped me figure out where I was going and what I needed to do. We took the bus back to the bus depot and let me tell you – I have never been on so packed a vehicle. I was literally squashed up against some stranger half the ride. Fun! They said it was a happy coincidence (I forget the exact words by now) that we ran into each other – for me it damn sure was, otherwise I’d have had no idea what to do, for them I guess it was because I’m all hot and stuff. From the depot they helped me get myself back to Chengdu without going insane or failing at anything, so thanks (um, Melissa?) and (I think Cindy?)!

me and my friends for the afternoon!


Waiting in Line to See The Grand Buddha, Chengdu

I have a few pictures from waiting in line for the giant buddha (since that was almost six hours of my life) so I figured I’d devote a short post to some scenes from what can best be described as an “artless clusterf*@#”.

the line was more of a mass of people who weren't super concerned about you not dying

isn't this just so sweet?

but also, lady gaga was in line with us, so that was cool.

then we rounded the corner and saw this second part of the line...