This ain’t your childhood handheld.

The summer heat has made a new addition to my bagdrobe (it’s a bag wardrobe!) truly necessary since I’m stripped down to the bare essentials some days – a tank top and my “Daisy Dukes” (Ksubi denim cutoffs) has become a recurring “look” of mine, unfortunately. For the days I decide to make an effort, I fortunately came across this gorgeous little number at Rock Paper Scissors. It’s a recycled leather pouch from Italian line San Lorenzo Design and I love it. It’s the perfect size for wallet, keys, iPhone and chapstick/rogue diamonds – everything that, during the summer when I lose access to all those lovely coat pockets, creates unsightly bulges in my shorts. I can carry it super comfortably under an arm or to my side. The sleek design is super unisex and comes in the brands full range of colors. The best best part, though? It was only $18!

P.S. Please to forgive the crap Photoshopping in picture 3 – quel horror!

Stylish Under-armer: The Man Clutch

Ok, so this last photo is definitely not of a man, but it’s so freaking awesome.

My current obsession is the Man Clutch. It’s not always a clutch – as the pictures evidence it’s sometimes just a way of carrying a trimmer bag – but it is always my favorite thing ever for right now. Long-time readers know my bag collection to be an international affair – the Filson briefcase from NYC, the Steve Mono tote I bought at Seibu in Hong Kong, the vintage satchel I picked up at an outdoor market in Basel – and I love that every piece comes with a story. (Although, that being said, my favorite bag right now is a leather tote I picked up at Banana Republic thanks to my generous employee discount.) A clutch feels right for Spring, simply because I imagine a smaller bag you can carry without your arm getting tired is obviously light and easy, and goes better with shorts than a big bag you would hold with a gloved hand. Those clutches at Lanvin are last season now, but you can bet I’ll be keeping my eye out for those digitally-derived impostor python prints on my next trip to NYC in case someone’s consigned one of those babies. While I wait for that to happen, you’ll find me clutching my leather bag from Florence under my arm this spring (in a manner quite similar to picture three, as a matter of fact).

P.S. The vlog that “Seibu in Hong Kong” links to I filmed almost a year ago right after I got back from Hong Kong and it is…tragic. But fast forward a bit and you’ll see the Steve Mono bag in ALL THREE DIMENSIONS! You know, two-dimensionally.

P.P.S. Speaking of men’s style, this guy has as many pairs of shoes lying around his house as I do!

Images via Nam & Tommy Ton.

Last Night a Man Bag Saved My Life

Bags are a vital asset to any man’s wardrobe, be they totes or backpacks or messenger bags. Prada or Gucci or vintage or Pucci (Pucci doesn’t make man bags), it’s all good. I think if I had to write a list of priorities for the future it’d be something like:

1) Civil equality
2) Worldwide women’s liberation
3) Man bag de-stigmatization

You don’t have to be ashamed to grab a bag as you walk out the door! Be free! Raise it up! They’re super practical, too. You can use them to lug around your concealer InStyle fishing poles. SO this particular one is actually vintage and MAN IT IS A BEAST. I’ve been looking for a bag in this style ever since I fell in love with Proenza’s PS1, but wanted something more masculine (erm, that one’s a purse anyway ha) and also not $1,500. So this was great! I bought it at a market in Paradeplatz here in Basel. If you’re from here/know here then that will maybe mean something to you. Although it might have been another Platz…I’m only 75% sure about the Parade-bit. Anyway, the guy was selling all of these old bags he said he brought into town from Bern. Most of them were old book bags, leather bags actually meant to carry nothing more than a book or two (tough leather rectangles). They were cool but this bag is the pièce de résistance of vintage man bags, if I do say so myself.