I wrote the book on China.

Well, one of them, anyway. And only a foreword at that! But the pictures aren’t too bad either 🙂

This is why I left WordPress >_<; The book preview won’t embed, so to check out my book you’ll have to click here. (It’s worth it!)

Happy previewing~

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An afternoon in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

In an unexpected turn of events, I didn’t take that many pictures during my time in New York. I did whip out the cam for an afternoon in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Aren’t they so beautiful? I’m not educated enough to speak to the multifarious ways in which a garden can be aesthetically pleasing, so instead I’ll direct your attention to my previous posts about the Boboli Gardens in Florence and the Tuileries in Paris. They’re strikingly different and the contrast is a wonderfully romantic thing to sit and reflect on – mayhap in your own garden?

Cream & sugar & good design.

The Crozet Mudhouse is the café of my dreams…be sure to vote for them in the C-ville Best Of contest and follow them on Twitter here.

It’s officially summer and all I wanna wear is black.

As the seasons have progressed, so has my look. For whatever reason, I find myself leaving the “traditional” roots that informed the foundation of my winter wardrobe behind and am turning instead to the bad guys from Buffy the Vampire Slayer for inspiration. I’m loving denim cut offs, black leather, eerie statement jewelry and oversized tops.

This shoot took place in a graveyard off Maple Street. I suppose I was thinking it might be a fun neo-gothic spin to put on a first-day-of-summer shoot, but really the place was just too beautiful to be macabre. If you can get over the simple fact that it’s a graveyard I think it’s a wonderful place to while away an afternoon…maybe have a picnic – although that’s a bit Addams Family, isn’t it?

Theoretically this outfit is pulling inspiration from London’s punk scene in the ’80’s…but really, it’s more like what I imagine that to be like, if the punks are actually 15-year-old art students who can’t make art and listen to Kylie Minogue more than The Ramones. The main point of contention here, it must be said, is the deep-V. Apparently it’s appearance in my last outfit post caused a quiet stir with at least one reader/friend, who declared it incontrovertibly “cheesy.” Sacre bleu! What do we think? Does my new favorite thing ever (said deep-V) cross a line?

Has Spring Sprung?

Was today’s warm weather light at the end of the tunnel? Or will we be plunged unceremoniously into chilliness and gray again next week? Ugh, fingers crossed. You can never tell with Virginia!

This Is Charlottesville: The Space Formerly Known As Antics

For my second installment in the “This Is Charlottesville” series (see the first here!) I decided to focus on Low Vintage. In its previous incarnation the store was called Antics, but the recent move into new digs prompted a name change. Low is, “like an antiques mall,” says part-owner Nora Iforgottogetherlastname, in that the four separate vendors each sell their own wares. Unlike the way the store was previously organized, everything is now mixed together in an overflowing smorgasbord of vintage goodness. I love it.

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A Room of One’s Own

Apparently some of ya’ll are getting particularly antsy about seeing the rest of my digs, so I’m throwing you another bone: my “bedroom”!

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