Things we bring in from outside.

I finally picked up some new flowers last weekend. They’re not much to look at, as I had to decide between buying enough to make some semblance of a bouquet and eating. I chose eating. I do like having flowers in my apartment, though, and one of these days I might get around to picking up more than a few stems…although the slim arrangement is also, in part, dictated by the narrow mouth of the bottle in which I choose to display it. I need a new vase…though this is rather pretty, no?

In other plant news, I decided to stop eating meat the other week after finishing Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals. Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t vegetarian, so it’s like I have to forge my own path or something. So far I’ve not had too much trouble avoiding land-based animals, but I haven’t given up fish since the Seafood Watch iPhone app handily informs readers what’s overfished and what’s aplenty. Bourgeois indulgence to the rescue!

My big moral dilemma is that, living as I do in a relatively rural area, I actually have access to meat that is raised outside the industrial agricultural system. (More than anything, although I am rather fond of animals and don’t necessarily want them to die, the environmental impact of meat eating is what convinced me to attempt a meatless diet once again – I can’t abstain from driving and declare oil, “like, the worst thing ever” if cow farts from my hamburger’s past life are a bigger hazard). What’s worse, my friend’s parent’s cow or Atlantic farm-raised salmon? *Le sigh* I realize, as one friend pointed out, that not eating meat, but still practically worshipping leather is a bit of a cross purpose. But…shoes! One day I’ll reconcile the issue, for now I’ll stick to vintage and veggies.